Hi, I'm Petros Kipouropoulos.


Technology evangelist and passionate for social networking. As a kid I was dreaming to write about videogames and that’s exactly what I’ve being doing or at least where I started from. A jack of all trades in journalism & PR affairs, community management and social media handling, with strong practical experience and academic background. Always eager to board a plane, don’t believe in Santa and working hours.


In a nutshell:



June 2014 - Present

Tech Content Marketing Supervisor, Public.gr, Public Retail World S.A., Athens 
Head of the tech content marketing team, overseeing content creation and constantly updating on the trends of content marketing & remarketing, SEO practices and e-commerce. Responsible for marketing effectively technology products in collaboration with the Marketing, PR and Commercial departments. Targets include sales, constant competition analysis and multiple projects aiming to the improvement of the user experience, the upgrade of the marketing techniques used and the penetration into new product segments.

April 2012 - May 2014

Head of Development & New Media, Smart Press S.A., Athens
Created the videogames website "gameslife" and set up the company’s profile in terms of videogames, managing the relevant content in print and online media. Gained knowledge of social media and specialised in taking full advantage of them for publicity and community building. Head of New & Digital Media (websites and digital magazines) and decision maker for the company’s new websites. Attended events (IFA, MWC, E3, gamescom, etc), presentations, galas, etc. Starred in presentational videos and coordinated a series of  panels in conferences and seminars (InfoCom, Digital Days, etc).

March 2009 - April 2012

PR  guru wannabe, LEAP S.P., Athens
Responsible for the relations and communications between the videogames website & e-magazine "byteme" & "byteme.digital" and the industry; attending events worldwide. Worked on crisis management plans and community management. Gained expertise in promotion and buzz generation through social networks and online platforms as well as experience in business and financial negotiations. Got in touch with new technologies (e-publishing on iOS, etc) and mastered the Wordpress platform.

September 2008 - September 2009

Marketing & New Media Specialist, Creative Image Technologies S.A., Athens
Responsible for editing and distributing press releases regarding the company’s new devices, software updates, etc. Organised the company’s presence on the internet and the press by arranging product coverage, events and presentations in print and online media. Gained a deep understanding of how the market works and built strong business relationships with a wide spectrum of people.

January 2008 - August 2008

Editor, Gamers S.A., Athens
Editor in the videogames site "GamersUniverse.com". Responsible for the majority of the news posted on the site, translations from Greek to English (and vice-versa) and for many sections of the site’s e-magazine “Gamer’s Magazine”. Delved into the videogames’ culture, learned how to gain access to information quickly and developed the ability to work under pressure on a daily basis.

July 2007 - December 2007

Editor, Atcom Internet & Multimedia S.A., Athens
Editor in the videogames website "Gameover.gr". Had to produce numerous videogames’ reviews as well as features of various subjects. Had the chance to become more creative in terms of writing style depending on the situation. Since this was also the first time I got in touch with a really big community of avid gamers, I learned to take into account any feedback, in order to better fulfil the readers' expectatons.

April 2007 - August 2008

Content Manager, Gnet S.A., Thessaloniki
Responsible for the content management of the videogames website "Noobwars.gr"; while also maintaining a column commenting on various events and facts of the videogames and technology industry. Became able to identify community attitudes and needs, to multitask, prioritise and effective remote working. Set up my first magazine from scratch, although due to insufficient funds it never made it to the public.

November 2005 - October 2010

Editor, Diakofto Press LTD, Athens
Editor in the lifestyle technology magazine “New Technology OnLine”. Responsible for mobile phone reviews, articles and presentations, market guides and how to’s. As a correspondent in the United Kingdom, I had a column about the technology and the telecommunications markets in the country. While in Greece, I was one of the company's main attendants in press events and showcases; developed strong relationships with the industry and got a better understanding of its mechanisms.

June 2005 - September 2009

Editor, Compupress S.A., Athens
Editor in technology and videogames magazines such as "PC master", "Computer For All" and "Play On" and special editions such as "PC master’s Guide for World of Warcraft" and "Everything about Wii". Attended and covered various events and showcases worldwide (most notable ones: Blizzard  Worldwide Invitational 2007, Football Manager 2007 & 2008 Press Presentations, 2008 THQ London Showcase, etc.) and interacted a lot with the magazine's online community.




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